Field & Study park – July 2013 Update

FOREST FARM  –  The negotiations regarding  the development of the West Bank and extension of the Park across the river continue. At present Forest Farm are exploring all their legal options with regard to  JPC and the Restrictive clause they have over all their land.

PARK  –  We set in two bollards at the South end to stop cars accessing the River Walk.  3 days later these were neatly cut off with a chain saw by a crew who said they were from Conservation . They had been instructed to cut down the poplars. Promised to replace – didn’t – and had I not checked up on them 3 times we would not have a tree standing in that section.  Set in two more bollards.

Theft  –  Last week a bakkie got into the Park through unlocked gates and proceeded to cut through 4 sections of  the palisade fencing  separating the stables from the Park down by the river end. They had come complete with acetylene equipment to do the job.  Thanks to a squatter who alerted the stable grooms who called ADT they fled when approached leaving behind the bakkie and the sections of  the fence loaded in the back . An arrest was made and the bakkie seized. The case continues.

 Squatters –  A new little group is building up at the end of the North servitude.  Walkers are now nervous to go there .  This will be seen to shortly.  It was 2 and is now 5. I have contacted the Security Representative who is responsible for that area as well.

Sorters  –  Forest Farm has started to clear the top N end of their property where a large area was being used to sort the plastics etc. They are now moving onto the Parkland over the river which was recently cut.  The relevant  Authorities will be acting on this shortly.  We cannot have this spreading into the  Park area

Market  –   There has been an application and presentation  to Parks to bring back the market in the same format as before only this time twice a month. I have met the applicants and am not sure about twice and would welcome comment from out there.   It as it was  very popular  before .

Summerhouse  –  Thanks to a donation from RMB we have started to upgrade the summerhouse which was in bad shape. Thank you Rand Merchant Bank.!  FOFS will meet the short fall.

mica-hardware-parkmoreThank you Parkmore Mica who greatly assist us with maintenance material and a discount for necessities we buy to maintain the Park

Boom – Steps   –  I have today freed the boom and concreted in  an end pole and will now be locking it to prevent cars parking/driving on the field which is dying off in places.

EVENTS  –  We had a film shoot in the Park for AVBOB from 5am to 11pm last week.  An enquiry for a photographic one. The Park is proving popular for these.

APPLICATIONS  –  for a Husky dog event to raise awareness of a rare cancer and a child who has this.  For a Boston Terrier fun day.

 A Music festival with alcohol.   I informed the applicant that F & S was too small,  had insufficient parking was  surrounded by residents and not the venue for such a function. I advised her of other venues.

These events and the Market all have to be booked and paid for through Parks Events. All funds go to the Council. Nothing comes back to the Park or us which is why we need your support and membership.

Rose Johnson – FOFS

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