October 2015 – Special Newsletter 2


The exchanges on the Facebook and the calls I have had since indicate that we have a problem at the Park concerning the dog walkers.  Those that want the Bylaw adhered to ie. Dogs kept on a leash and those who choose to let their dogs run free.  Apart from those who have contacted me regarding their bad experiences,  there are also those who have been innocent victims,  seen by Park goers who we now know about.

The Park is for everyone  and  all who visit the Park need to feel comfortable in it’s surroundings.  The latest  serious dog attack by the same dogs responsible for  two others has now brought this issue  to a head.  We cannot have out of control  dogs running around in the Park.

There are mothers with children who are afraid of dogs  and  don’t want to come to the Park because of the dogs that can  and do run up to them and their children.   Those whose  dogs   do not appreciate having a large dog bounding  up to them when they come for a quiet walk in the Park.

The overall opinion seems to be that there should be an area in the Park fenced off  for those who want  their  dogs to run free,  with a notice.

I have discussed the problem with Clr. Earp who, like me, feels that the dogs should not  be the reason for people to stay away from the Park  and that this could be a solution for everyone.  We have both brought it to the attention of Parks who will look into this  ie. fencing,  cost etc.

One concerned resident  has offered to get a quote via her husband once we have decided where we will fence off.  Personally I think it should be the first field from inside the tree line up to the boom but there would have to be agreement on this.

I encourage anyone who has a view on this or who can assist in any way  to  contact me as we would like to settle this issue soon.

Rose Johnson –  rose@fofs.co.za

  1. I know for a fact that if you have a designated section (fully fenced) where dogs can run free and socialise, loads of people will enjoy it and be grateful for it. Dogs need to run off leashes for optimal exercise and there just arent enough places around joburg where owners can feel secure doing that. It would be a wonderful addition to your amazing establishment.

  2. The cost of doing this is the problem we have as Parks do not have the budget for this. The dog walkers will have to do some fund raising, find a sponsor etc. Maybe you have an idea or two?? Even with this will the dog walkers abide by the bylaws and put leashes on in the rest of the Park?
    In the meantime we have suggested fencing off the childrens’ play area so that they can feel secure.
    Thank you for your comment. It is hard trying to please everyone.

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