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Our Story

We formed FOFS when the Council separated the park from the Rec. Centre with the fence leaving the whole park area vulnerable to developers and others. We have since fought off 5 attempts by private enterprise and the Joburg Property Company to develop chunks of it, being mixed use, turned into a formal Park, two doggy day care Centres and a Helipad at Forest Farm. It never stops.

We saw how precious this historic 40 acres is. An oasis of peace and natural open space that the Greater community around it needs and to make it more children friendly we brought in The Dinosaur, the car, the rocking boat, paid for the swings and look after our historic Jungle gym, making sure it is safe and maintained.

What We Do

We oversee the day to day running of the Park
Check guards and toilet cleaner and see toilets clean and functioning. We regularly have to pay for plumbing repairs as Maintenance take too long to respond.
We have Recently had new chains and bolts replaced on the swings which we paid for. Replace broken planks on the Jungle Gym. Oil the entire Jungle Gym every year.

Sandton Chronicle

Do our best to get Parks to cut the grass – an uphill battle – which involves many visits to the Depot. Oversee large functions re. damage to the park and after function cleanup.
That the Play equipment is safe and in good order. If not we pay for and see to the repairs.

Sandton Chronicle

With Your Help, We are Ensuring That The Park Remains a PlaceWe Can All Enjoy

To bring more life into the park we welcomed The Field Market with its crafts, music and food once a month on the 2nd Sat of the month under the trees. We have childrens’ birthday parties Charity days – Rotary Disabled Day – and our braai places are popular for get togethers.

It is a wonderful place to chill out, have a picnic, walk the dog and generally enjoy being out in the open.

We have been doing this for 14 years and need the support of the community to keep doing so by becoming a member of FOFS or making a donation.

Come and join us in your Park!

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