Once again we have St. Stithians Boys College came for a clean up of the Park together with their teachers Miss Dudu Resane, Miss Magadeline Tsolo and Rev. Elroy Kekane came with the boys. They keeping the Park did a wonderful job of picking litter here and there, leaving behind their bags for collection.

Thank you Saint Stithians boys and teachers for caring for this Environmental treasure we have in our midst.


This is an organization that brings Autistic children to the park on a weekly basis. Being with Nature in quiet, peaceful surroundings and having the space to walk around in. is so good for them.

AUTUMN and it’s golden carpet of leaves finally arrived to the delight of the Montessori children.


This event gathers disabled children and adults from various homes and they are treated to a day of fun and games – for those who can – a Magician show is a favourite – and then a lunch under the trees.

The grand Finale to the day is the arrival of two motorbike groups – Steel Wings ad Rolling Thunder – who roar into the Park – approx. 40 of them and they give everyone a pillion ride around the perimeter of the Park. The biggest thrill. Each one goes home with a gift packet and a day to remember.

THANK YOU ROTARY and all who volunteerd their time to help and donate. It is the most rewarding day for us – FOFS – at the Park.

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A group of staff from Discovery came for a Team Building morning and the various teams had great fun with different tasks set for them . The chance to get out of the office in our Park surroundings together in fun competitions did them so much good. Mentally and physically. A great time was had by all.

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Signs have been erected regarding the cruel action of some pet owners who,
when their baby rabbit becomes a large one, they let them loose in the Park.

I have personal experience of this having being chairman of the Rec. when the first
7 rabbits were dumped years ago, ending up with the Recreation Centre being
overrun by the multitude we ended up with who ate and dug their way through the once
lovely Rec. gardens.

We are watching. It is illegal.! Thank you Dom Rowberry who sponsored the signs.

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The most favourite place – the heart of the Park – our River Café has now been kept empty by certain people in the Council for 3 years, despite the promised tender for a new owner by JPC which has never been forthcoming. The fact that there was virtually a queue of people wanting to take it over and that we now understand it is under the Parks Dept. just leaves all the community who loved going there with a big question mark in their minds as to just what is being done about it that we do not know.

The building is deteriorating and they are happy to watch it go that way. Why??