The Park was used by many as a place to come and have a picnic, enjoy the space and relax before life returned to normal with school, work and being back in the frenetic life we need.

Sadly the favourite place of young and old and our Park community, our Café, is STILL closed with JPC/Parks wrangling over its future – Adopt it or not and to whom for what while the building deteriorates. A tender was going to be put out at one stage and there was a queue of those who wanted to take it over while FOFS waited hopefully but no tender was forthcoming. The Park suffers as do those who loved to be there in the peace a quiet.

Thanks to Dominique Rowberry who organized a capture visit to the Park by Berrario Bunniesto come and catch the remaining bunnies, 12 were caught, 3 pregnant -= another 21 bunnies
She has generously offered to fund the sterilizing of the females. There are very few left. Thank you Dominique and Berrario Bunnies and their team who came and did a sterling job.

A man, has been found to be sleeping in our entrance guardhouse and with the help of Superintendant Sylvester from 24/7 we have secured the open windows and he was told to move on. They then found him sleeping in our summerhouse , again 24/7 told him to leave the park. We are still not sure of his whereabouts and are currently still in touch with 24/7 re. the next step.

We have just learnt – 2nd Feb. of a large Concert that the Parks Dept. have sanctioned to be held on the 2nd March in the park from 12pm – 7pm. This is R and G music . FOFS was not consulted or informed until the Posters were spotted advertising this Concert. We feel F & S is not the place for such a concert considering the residents the other side of the walls of the Park, only Mattie as access road, Parking, huge support vehicles will be needed and driven all over our fields, etc. We do not know what security arrangements there will be, traffic control
and control of the crowd. We are currently trying to find out and contact the organizer and the person responsible for this.

We and Parks have always worked together on large events ie Blue Label Telecom. This is not acceptable. Park lovers and residents take note.