The numbers continue to increase and the dynamic of the bank is changing. When the Sandton Sports Club/George Lea Park fenced them out they may have solved their problem but they don’t just disappear they find somewhere else an found us.  They are now our problem.

There are now factions/groups, different nationalities and this is a recipe for conflict. We have had a fight amongst them, a group wanting ‘revenge’ for the injury of one. This group came from Soweto. I have had to call the police once to escort one over to get his things to leave.

I have told the Clr. this,  Parks know the situation but what to do is the burning question. We have had constant raids, destruction of their possessions you name it JMPD have done it over the years to no avail. As long as the landIs there, they will be there.  They don’t just disappear.

There is currently a proposal for a Water Park on that land which Parks have accepted insofar as going through the motions of studies.  Whether this is right for that bank I don’t know. I opposed the first layout in 2017 and they are now back with a more Park friendly one but I have numerous doubts.  The PCA Manager was happy with it.


This is still neglected by Parks.  It has been like this, minus the roof – hastily collected in a truck no doubt to be sold for the metal content – and despite giving them the name of the guilty party, their details and acknowledgement of their responsibility, nothing was done by Parks to follow up. It could have been fixed by the guilty party at no expense to Parks.

We are left with no roof, holes in walls, a concrete chunk balancing on a bit of wall etc. Neglect of this ruins our entrance.  The remaining roof needs re-panting.


An organization – Precious Hearts – came to the Peter Place entrance and fed as many as they could soup and bread.


On a number of occasions a man comes to the Park  on the opposite bank near Peter Place with his two dogs – Wiemaraners I am told – and loves to sit and watch them as they race into the river and chase the ducks. We had six baby ducklings that all were watching. On one occasion, with dog walkers shouting at him, he watched as the dogs chased the duck family with the babies too small to get away. We now only have 3 left. 

I am told he brings the dogs early to the Rec. Centre so they can chase the rabbits. Please watch out for him and our little family. A psychopath in our midst.


I have asked for 20 more trees from Parks to plant below the Café.  Arthur will mark where they are to go with white paint and Parks will bring and plant them.  Maybe get more. Thank u Parks.


Is there a Corporate out there who would like to have a ‘bonding’ day for some of their staff.? The Dinosaur and car need re-painting.  FOFS will supply the paints, brushes etc.  but we need approx. 5-7 painters. You could have a picnic, do the painting and enjoy the outdoors while giving back to your Park. It has been done before and a great time was had.