St. Stithians – volunteer morning.

During February we had 20 St. Stithians pupils volunteer to come and work in the Park for their community Service hours. In this case it was for 4 hours in the morning.

Under the guidance of FOFS Director Colin Fargher, the boys planted, cleared up areas, dug up a large sign and re-erected it, and generally were kept busy by Colin who worked with them on all the projects Colin had for them.

Thank you to the boys who earned their hours and to our Colin who guided them through the 4 hours working tirelessly himself.

Bunny Catching

An afternoon with Berrario Bunnies and volunteers saw more of the bunnies that escaped the first “bunny catching” effort being caught and taken to be cared for and some females sterilized. A generous Parkmore resident offered to fund some of them.

There are still some around , and some have spread into the neighborhood raiding gardens.

American Music Festival in the Park

This was a first for this number of people and permission was given by the Parks Department to stage this event in the Park. We were not informed of this event and nothing was discussed with us and all formalities done. On finding out we communicated our misgivings for 2,000 people and cars all over our precious Park – a Conservation Area – as well as noise and traffic.

We were there for the set up, met those involved with this Festival – “Once Upon a Time in Johannesburg” – and made known our concerns to those involved at the site.

Despite threatening weather the Festival continued and was a success. The Park was left virtually intact. we thank the Event organizer for that, but broken glass on the top field a danger to children and animals.

Our major fear was traffic due to one access road and video footage of the chaos in this road, and the cul de sac at the entrance shows a total lack of control of this huge amount of cars.

It is clear to us that we cannot have such huge numbers taking over the Park in the future. More thought must go into events in future as the major problem is access.