CRIME  –   Once again I urge you to be aware of your surroundings, especially down below near  the river. Ladies who walk alone, walk  where you are visible. There were 2 incidents in April.  PLEASE LET ME KNOW of the good and the bad. 082 784 1933 –

I have arranged  to have the boom opened for 24/7 cars so that they can drive the length of the Park down below.  This will add to their daily  patrols through the Park together with ADT.

MAINTENANCE    –     We have just spent R800 on a new swing and bolts and repairs to the Jungle Gym.  This is an ongoing expense for us.


Thank you Parks Depot 406 for the full cut at the end of April.  With winter setting in getting the Park cut should not be too much of a problem with  the growth slowing down.


We had high hopes that this would go ahead and the West Bank would be developed, but I have been informed by Parks that  it is a non starter.


Forest Farm hold the Ace when it comes to developing that West bank opposite the Park. Developing the land is the ONLY way you will get rid of the squatters and the unkempt sight it is – Parks do not maintain it due to access.   We have been negotiating with Forest Farm for years now, presenting one proposal after another but as long as they refuse to sell the critical triangle of land that has Nichol Frontage/Access,  development is impossible.

We have just been informed that they now intend to develop that triangle for themselves which leaves us and the community back with the problem. No matter what happens, raids, or any other measures do not deter them. Those who think they have moved them have only moved them on to somewhere else. Shelters are totally inadequate.

I have been to meetings with JMPD, Council Depts. RA’s and no-one has a lasting solution.     They work here mainly in Construction. Field & Study is so big and being on the river we are not able to secure it. I am now talking to JPC re. alternative access we think we have found.

Rose Johnson – 082 784 1933