We would like to acknowledge the generous donation of R7000 from the Felix Schneider Foundation who have supported us for some years now.
Thank you!

Thanks to the market the Park got a much needed cut. Parks are doing less And less as only the fields and the area needed by the Market gets the cut. The North and South portions get left. It is some time since the whole park
Was cut. We – FOFS – and Handri from the Market use our brush cutter and her chain saw to do what they don’t to try and keep the Park looking good.

Our damaged entrance is still waiting for some action from Maintenance. At the time I reported it, gave all the details of the culprit who was prepared to Fix it on their insurance etc. but the matter was never taken up by parks.

The Market continues to be a huge success and we thank Handri for the contribution To us from the Parking money.

The weekend cricket teams continue to enjoy their early informal games.

We have the annual Redhill X-Country event and the Rotary Fun Day Coming up in May.

Our guarding Company Kya Guards – a Council contractor – is not paying the guards The minimum legislated wage of R21 and hour. They only get R17 which causes much Hardship to them. We feel this is unacceptable but intervention by us on their behalf Has made it clear that they will suffer, being transferred or lose their job.

Please contact me should you see anything at the Park that you think I should know about.
082 784 1933 Rose