The disbelief at the closure of the River Café saw so many come to it , only find this happy place for so many gone. The dismay continues but now the issue is how long it is going 0to take Joburg Property Co, to get a tender out for a new owner. I know of 5 people who would take it over tomorrow given the chance.

We need JPC to get going with the process and not leave this space empty and lifeless because it has had a major effect on the Park. The constant in and out of Café customers and the presence of the red uniformed staff was the heart of the Park for young and old.

With the Rec. Centre now empty for a year for “renovations” and the buzz from that side gone the Park is just not the same. It was a people place for the community and we want it back. We call on JPC to get that tender out and for the endless, “renovations” to get done properly and the Centre get back its life as well. There have been periods of no-one doing anything for weeks/months on end.

The guards finally have a new ‘high tech’ guard house, solar panel and all. 3 times the size of the old one built in two days! We have had to fit it out with shelves, special mirror film on the windows for privacy which was a costly exercise. Anyone donate two chairs?

The Market has taken place April and May, at least we have that to bring life to the Park. As always so popular to enjoy under the trees for the whole family. 2nd Sat off the month. June coming up.

We had a wedding in the Park, a first, for a local gardener and with careful planning and the right place in the Park it was such a happy day for the bride and groom under a gazebo. Many of Manfred’s garden owners joined the ceremony. He and his new wife come to the Park to watch the sunset.

Sadly we lost two 100 yr old historic, iconic , Oak trees in the parking area. Thank you Julien Ortlepp for removing these giants . We are left with huge stumps.