We continue with the ongoing maintenance of the Park facilities.  The braais are popular

Now that we have fixed them up and the Park is being discovered .  The community is using it more for

Birthdays and a group of workers from the Stock Exchange came for a day picnic. Out of the

Office and under the trees is the best stress reliever.


The Yaedin Foundation hosted an event for a fun day for the Cerebral Palsied  which was

A happy day for all.


         Spruit Day.  We did not have anything that especially needed  doing that the community could help with.

Just as well as no-one turned up!


There has been major clearing of the cycle track opposite the Park. Vegetation along the river

And saplings cut right down.  Grass  burnt up the bank about 15m.  We have not been kept

In the loop with this, have no idea who is behind this initiative but the name Martin comes up

whoever he is.  We are in favour of the cyclists whizzing past us as it bring more life into that

Bottom end of the park.


The squatters are still there and will be as long as that bank remains undeveloped. They do not

Cause us any problems in the Park and provide the labour should I need it in the Park. It is zoned

Public Open space and should be an extension of the Park.  A Major problem is that there is

No vehicle access to that side.  Years ago we had a bridge which was smashed by a tree in a storm

And has never been rebuilt.  Maybe a mixed blessing under the current circumstances.


Since George Lea shut out their squatters our numbers have increased. You don’t SOLVE the problem

You MOVE it and more have come our way along the servitude and onto the Bank.  Mainly recyclers and

the mess They bring.


Residents complained and we had a joint raid of SAPS, JMPD, PARKS, 5 members of the RIOT SQUAD!

numerous police vehicles, bulldozer  and huge trucks that went on for 5 days. They even built a bridge

to get onto the bank where they scooped up loads of rubbish and some belongings along the way.  This was a very expensive cleanup for the tax payer.  The squatters were back every night and are still there.  There has to be some

constructive thinking for that Bank.


We have given the small Jungle Gym its annual coat of wood preservative. The big one is next.  Parks must come

To the party and paint the dinosaur.  Promises but no action so far. We have spent a lot of money on the park

This year so far.


We run on donations and look to the community who enjoys the Park and all we do to support us.  Please

Donate to us so that we can keep the park the way you want it to be.