The increase in crime in Parkmore over the last month has spilled over into the Park. In the last month we have had a couple parked in a car in the trees below the entrance in the pitch dark at 7.30pm – not the wisest thing to do – being held up at gunpoint. Demanded phones and things easy to carry. All very quick and gone.

Two couples enjoying a braai on Sat. 2 August in broad daylight. Confronted by two men, one with a gun. Hit one man on the head and again took what they could, phones, jewellery. Very quick and gone.

Last Wed. My man in the Park who is a squatter, pointed out a man sitting alone down by the river. He said he had seen he had a big knife and he did not know him. I called ADT who came and when he saw us he started to walk fast towards the stable end. We followed in the van and when he saw we were after him he crossed the river but the squatters are on my side so we alerted them to the man and four of them started to chase him. Just as they were about to grab him near the Nichol bridge he turned and sprayed them all in the face with pepper spray, he got onto Nichol and into a taxi.

My squatters were left with very sore eyes and one has to wonder what he was planning with a knife and pepper spray – for the dogs?

A dog walker who walks with huge dogs usually with few people around was accosted at her car once the dogs were inside and robbed. Clever. So quick even the dogs didn’t know!

BE ALERT TO WHO IS AROUND YOU WHEN IN THE PARK. IF IN DOUBT WALK TO THE MIDDLE OF A FIELD and please inform me if you see anything not right or something happens to you.