Getting the Park cut for the end of the year was the usual fight with no management at the Depot, broken tractor, scarce labour etc. It was outsourced and cut by 16 men with brush cutters who did an amazing job. Don’t hold your breath for January.

Increase in squatters due to first lockdown. FOFS facilitated 8 food drops from generous residents and with donations from Parkmore did two with the help of a PCA member. The promised food aid from Region 3 never arrived. !! So much for that promise.

Then came the invasion of recyclers from George Lea which was fenced off. For the first time we had criminal activity from across the river which got residents together with an Online Petition to the Mayor to take action. see to sign. This has now stopped.

Many have left the bank to go home for Christmas. Time will tell how many come back.

Our dog walkers had their end of year party in the summerhouse. Doggie Christmas cake and all.

Guards were messed around early on with the change over from Kya Guards to Council. Apart from the shambles of getting them all registered they now have NO protection of any kind and a single woman is put on night duty! We have given them pepper sprays.

Rabbits a big problem – coming from the Rec. Centre at night. The SPCA has been but they are now being fed and many dropped off as unwanted pets.

We have missed the Market this year.  It is so much a part of the park and a huge help to FOFS as Handri contributes towards us each time which keeps us afloat.  We thank her for her Christmas Market which, despite being Covid compliant, was a happy ending to the park year. FOFS NEEDS YOUR DONATIONS – see details

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