December 2021 was a quiet month with so many away. For those left behind the Park was a place to enjoy the space and fresh air and the children to have fun on our brightly coloured Dinosaur.

The West Bank was quiet as most of those living there had also gone home to their various countries.

January 2022

With many away the Park was a place to come and enjoy the outdoors with families , picnics,  joggers all generally enjoying what the park has to offer. A peaceful place surrounded by acres of natural green space which is so good for you.
The children love our colourful Dinosaur which has become a feature of the Park now despite being told that, after years with us and not  an incident,  he was now considered unsafe! We still have not seen

a safety report and we will have to wait and see

what the New Year brings.

February 2022

Heavy rainfall made the ground so soggy that one of our tall iconic gum trees at the bottom of the field toppled over right across the path along the river which meant a sizable detour to get round it. The roots were halfway out of the ground.

Planted about 70 years ago and being hard gum wood and after replanting wasn’t feasible, we had it cut into big logs which were moved so you could at least walk between. It took a while to remove but finally all was cleared.

Another piece of our history gone. The gums were planted by the original owners of the farm that is now Field and Study. Sad to see how many have gone if you count the stumps. Planted round 1936.