After years of asking  and losing hope we have finally got  Guards specifically   for the Park! They  arrived last  week and are in shifts of three 24 hours a day.  Two will patrol the Park,  walking around keeping an eye on who is in the Park,   and generally making it a safer place to be.  The third will be at the guard house which is up  by the boom near the Summerhouse.

I have introduced them to the ADT and 24/7 Patrol  vehicles, and they have their numbers should they or any park goer need them. I have also told them what we expect of them, what is and isn’t allowed etc. The Guard Co. is Kya Guards.  Please let me know if you have any comments

FOFS  has painted the tatty guardhouse.  They have no electricity but we are trying to deal with that.    They are not armed but have night sticks and handcuffs.



We have had a second proposal, luckily we were informed by Parks,  to establish a Doggy Day Care commercial facility in the Park grounds!  They only  wanted 10,000sq.m of our precious open space to put  kennels on, grooming room, reception, toilets, etc. etc.   I immediately sent through a strongly worded objection to Parks  for good measure, to JPC.   This is a worrying tendency that there are those who see any open space, even a Park, as fair game.  We have to be on our guard all the time.


OUR PARK IS NOT UP FOR GRABS TO ANYONE FOR ANYTHING !  Definitely not a Commercial venture!


Please keep your eyes and ears open.

Rose Johnson