Early birds Sbu and Thami setting up

It was a beautiful morning in the park where Friends of the Field & Study Park (FOFS) hosted a successful community clean up on Earth Day, Saturday 22 April.

Thanks to a generous donation from Parkmore Spar, all of a hundred volunteers received a free boerie roll and bottled water for their hard work. Piles of trash was plucked from the river, invasives were cleared from the banks and trees were planted. Community Service hours were signed off for learners and much fun was had while working-out in the fresh air. Sbu provided us with our favourite morning coffee and freezo’s and local resident Dominique put on a free yoga class under the trees.

Brightening up the play equipment with rust proof enamel was sponsored by Morningside MICA and the visibility was restored to the park by Isaac Longwe who trimmed the bushy low branches with the brand new chain saw donated by Rolux. Mills and Otten Environmental consultants donated safety gloves for invasive removal, and garden tools were sponsored by Lasher. ADT kept an eye out for everyone’s safety and all went well. FOFS are eternally grateful for the support of the park loving community in protecting, promoting and preserving this magnificent park and its wildlife right on our doorsteps.

A lot of fun was had by all

The first wave of volunteers getting their safety brief

Colin, head of invasive removals in the park and his wife Jessica who helped to feed the masses

Gordon Williams (Head of Rolux GSD) was glad that Rolux were able to extend our support with maintenance and safety-training for the volunteers who will be using the donated chainsaw.  Photo of the hand over from left to right, Arthur Hammond, Gordon Williams, Clive Hooper, Rose Johnson and Isaac Longwe who handled the chainsaw like a seasoned expert on earth day.