The welcome opening of the park again we had the grass needing a cut and the entrance gardens a shambles. I asked for a cut but no sign of a cutting team from Parks. The Depot still in disarray.

Eventually a resident came with his tractor mower and cut a path from the steps to the play area and mowed around the play equipment so that at least the children could get there. he also mowed a path across the field so that the walkers had a space. THANK YOU to our 13th St. Resident who got involved and helped us.

We have asked the PCA if they will let us have their garden crew once a month. We are a Parkmore asset after all.

FOFS just cannot go on paying labour to do parks work and I dug my heels in even though it hurt every time I came. Eventually I got two men just to do a basic tidy on the street side – R300 FOFS – but after empty promises from Parks we again paid – R500 to Handri’s gardener who spent two days getting it right.

Parks then sent a contractor with 6 brush cutters who got the Park looking like it should but didn’t finish by the North path.

No RUBBISH COLLECTION either. We paid for black bags in desperation and the guards emptied the full bins. Only by sending pictures of the state of the bins to Parks did a truck arrive. A constant battle.


We fixed the swing and the missing planks on the Jungle Gym bridge. FOFS – R250. THANK YOU HANDRI our handyman.

Out of nowhere 5 men from ? came with tins of green and white. Shocking job. It took two of us 2 days and R200 to scrape the paint off the slide. Our colourful Dinosaur is gone.

An expensive month and a half for us. WE NEED YOUR DONATION
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