I have combined the Newsletter as I will be away for a month.


The ongoing battle with Parks to get a full team to cut the Park   completely  was successful .   This week  a full team arrived. Two tractors, 4 Dixon mowers,  a push mower  and six brush cutters.

It took 3 days.  No luck with the tree Dept.  so FOFS paid R500 to hire a man and his chainsaw to cut the low branches so that the mowers could get underneath and trim the rest.  Phineas has my bow saw and is doing the small shoots so that we have a clear view under the trees for safety sake. An overgrown Park  attracts crime which is why I do my best to keep it maintained.

Today – Sunday 8th Feb.  the Park is looking as it should – apart from the infestation of silver poplars which we still have to deal with. There are also a number of big, dead trees.  I have informed Parks of this. So sad.


We had  two incidents, a man and a woman,  walking on their own  below and near the Jungle Gym held up by a man with a gun.  Do not  wear  visible jewellery, carry phones etc. –  she screamed, Phineas ran to her rescue but had the gun pointed at him.   The man, tall well dressed,  left  walking towards the Peter Place exit across the river which is all too convenient. The guys at the toilet have seen him before and are on the lookout for him.  Not a squatter.

If you walk on your own, PLEASE stay in view and should you see someone just sitting  veer off and go to the middle of a field and to the road. This is S.Africa we live in and you need to be aware of your surroundings and who is in them at all times.

Please inform me of any incident you may experience. I need to know.


Together with Rotary we are going to build a ramp down to the 2nd field so  that people, push chairs and wheelchairs can access the field without having to navigate the rocks. Thank you Mark Batchelor and Rotary. We are waiting for the Rec. building operations to get underway first.

DOGS – FOFS have bought a large basin for water which will be  at the toilets under  the trees. It will be  removed when  the toilets are  closed.