Best wishes to all members for 2013.

The Committee of FOFS   thank Parks Depot 406  for the maintenance – fields cut, bins emptied, –  of the Park during the December holidays. I have met numerous users who are grateful for this. I am told there were no incidents and that it was generally quiet.

Having been away a month I visited the Park which needed a cut.  A request to Parks resulted in a team of 14 men and women who brush cut the Park and it now looks amazing. Still a bit to the North they didn’t have time to finish.  They also cut down and cleared trees that had fallen on the first field. Thank you Parks.


The closure of the Park gates by ADT between 10pm and 5am started on the 17th December and has been a successful exercise.  Unfortunately one of the side gates has a broken hinge which needs welding.  We have reported this to Facility Maintenance and I have been promised that as soon as the staff  are back – 15th – they will contact me and it will be fixed.

The joint effort between FOFS and the PCA saw the gates and the guardhouse painted. Thank you PCA for organizing this while I was away for December.

Parks cut down the messy pine trees at the gate but we have not had the entrance garden makeover yet. Parks are currently busy trying to get the city looking decent for the soccer so we will have to wait.


It would seem the new measures they have put in place to control the flies have been successful so far.  With this current heat, time will tell.


We will be discussing the 6hect in the corner with JPC  regarding the office Park idea that we have put forward.   Our Architect/Urban Planner, Francois Pienaar is preparing a proposition as a starting point,  to put to them in a month or two.