Still busy with this, slowly looking better.  We are paying casual workers to do the job as Parks  cant help us with this. Ányone volunteer a gardener for a day?      I have moved the tap back to where it was.  Taxis were using it to wash vehicles. Asked ADT to keep an eye on this.


I was informed by an ADT guard that the chains on the gate/s have been cut twice.  We have an idea who is  doing this.


 Had a number of complaints from residents re. Zionists gathering in large numbers in the Park and singing and wailing all night 3 weekends ago. They enter by the taxi load when it is dark.

I raised it with Parks, we contacted the Park Rangers who then brought in JMPD to enforce the Bylaws. I made it clear I did not want confrontation. I am told the following weekend singing started and a siren was heard and up to now there has been no noise. With Easter coming up we cant let  the Park be overrun. No report back from JMPD so far.


After no  toilets in the Park for the last two weeks  due to a burst pipe  Maintenance, who were on Strike,  finally fixed the pipe this morning 19/3. Have informed Toilet service who will be back on duty and toilets cleaned and working.


The tubes of plastic  bags and notice have got the dog walkers picking up the pooh BUT I had a meeting with the Parks guys who clear out the dustbins and they are saying they won’t clear bins with bags of Pooh in them because they do it by hand SO we have to come up with a solution to what seemed a solution. Sent message to dog walkers to put their heads together.


I have heard nothing re. the Rec. Centre demand that the gates be left  open immediately  so that guards can watch guards to let in guards to check guards (ridiculous) I think the fact that the guardhouse has no water or lights has stymied that idea or maybe they have had second thoughts on the whole idea.


The fence IS coming, now with opposition to Clearvu.   I met the Chairman with rough draft of our plan for the development of the N end of W Bank. He is 100% in favour of our plan which includes  putting in their triangular portion and will recommend it to the Committee and then JPC will get involved and it will have to go to tender. Need I say more on that. They have plans for themselves on the land next to Pick’Pay to bring in income on a steady basis.


As long as the land is there they will be, so encouraging development Forest Farm’s  West bank, which they are now in favour  of,  and clearing of the servitude is the best we can do.


Rose Johnson