GATE CLOSURE      –        All parties have agreed, only the document from Sport & Rec. is holding up the process. When this is received the Gates to the Park will be closed by ADT at 10pm and opened at 5am. This will increase security for the Park and Centre and Parkmore.

STABLES               There is considerable controversy among residents due to fly nuisance. The stables are on Park land  and FOFS are watching the debate between the residents and the Parkmore community Association who are mediating this.

PARK ENTRANCE    –    Together with the PCA we have met with Parks with a view to making it more attractive. Parks agreed that the messy, sparse pine trees should come down to start with as it is impossible to keep the entrance tidy with the constant mess of needles. They will supply more plants and a team and these will be planted this week.

This leaves the gate, guardhouse and palisade fence to be painted and repaired. This will be an expensive  exercise and hopefully there will be some sponsorship from the community towards this.

6HECT.  PARK LAND – NW BANK         –            At the N.Western end of the W. Bank there is 6 hect. of Park land that FOFS has been watching. I have discussed this a number of times with  JPC.  FOFS Architect/Urban Planner and the Committee have put forward the idea that this should be developed as offices. Strategically placed buildings along the river provide éyes’, office security would be good, it is a quiet activity throughout the week/weekends which the Park needs etc.

He is prepared to  look at this scenario provided we can get the community’s support.

CUTTING         The Park is in dire need of a cut. I am told that a team of contractors are coming to give the entire Park a short cut with brush cutters this week.

WATER LEAK                We have had  a water leak at the guardhouse fixed after 10 days of utter frustration.   We, a resident, and Mr. Ginsberg finally got a plumber in to do the job yesterday. Thank you both.


We have had two successful childrens’ Parties in the Park in October despite the lack of power. We make a plan if necessary. Please contact me should you wish to have one.