With the sale of the entire property not an option they are now keen to engage with us re. the development of the N/W bank and we will shortly  resume discussions where we left off.

The clearing of their triangle bordering Nichol Highway of grass, bushes etc. has not made the resident squatters move on as hoped but merely make the mess more visible. At great expense they are now going to bulldoze the area flat, fix the inner and outer fence, put up lighting and have a patrol of the area.

This may solve their problem but it increases ours as I think some of them have relocated to the Park side. We are closely monitoring the two encampments, one at the PnP end of the stables servitude and the other at the bottom of the dividing fence. They are growing in number.  I went there this weekend. Sat. there was quite a big plastic khaki tent, a smaller one and they seem to have ‘acquired’ one of the Parks big drums.  Sunday all was down due to event at stables and church meetings.  I am at a loss as to what to do as I don’t want to make enemies of them for safety’s sake of Park goers and myself as I am alone there virtually every day.  One of them is selling dagga.


The Rec. Centre now has to fund it’s own repairs, maintenance, running costs and the above is its new name with a Chairman S’bu Gumede and a Committee already formed. I had a meeting with him, Barbara and Committee member re. communicating with each other.


 The first one will be on the 6th October from 10am -3pm. This will be much the same offering crafted goods and food and drink in our Park surroundings. Looking for more crafters.


We are having a FOFS DAY on the 12th October and are well underway with arrangements. The PCA and anyone who would like to participate, please contact me or Julia Tew 083 456 8912.

Our AGM will be on the 9TH Oct. 6.30pm Field and Study Studio 1


Used increasingly for childrens parties,  regular cricket game, picnics etc.  I will secure the boom on the first field as cars are still getting onto the fields. About 80 teenagers drove to the river last Friday, used the braais and spent 6 hours getting drunk and trashing the area. FOFS paid for help to clean up the park.