December sees many groups having their Christmas gatherings, especially down by the river at the Stable end.  There are not enough dustbins but I have arranged for Parks to pay a visit  every Monday morning specifically to pick up rubbish.

Cars are driving  onto the fields – caught one having driving lessons!  With the theft of so many bollards  they can get right down to the river from the inner road and not being able to close the booms because of no Park worker or guards on site, there is little we can do. If I am there I ask them to leave.  I am away for Dec. and with the festive season there are bound to be many more down by the river. FOFS members will do their best to control it.

Parks are going  to install an outdoor gym  in the New Year. We will keep on top of this.


On Monday 3rd  Dec. Parks have promised to weed and give the entrance garden a tidy up. Together with the PCA we are going to paint the entrance and hope to have the gate closure operating   soon.  Closed 10pm – 5am provided no functions etc. ADT will be doing the opening and closing.  This will  increase security for the Park and the neighbourhood.

The Guardhouse has been vandalized.  It will be tidied,  the window boarded up and hopefully left alone.


We need more members. To those who use the Park and benefit from this beautiful green space,  please join if you are not a member so that we can care for and protect this precious green lung  which, like any open space, is at risk.


Rose Johnson  – Friends of the Field & Study – FOFS