A notice was sent out in March reminding members that Subs. for 2013 were due.  The response has been very slow and a number of email addresses have come back. Please keep up your membership and advise us of any change in your email address.

A big thank you to the Felix Schneier Foundation  and SPAR Parkmore who both donated R2000  to FOFS.  Also to Morningside Mica in Parkmore  who have donated gutters and the materials for the big paint of the Park equipment on the 11th May for the dinosaur and the Jungle Gym. Community support and membership  is what allows us to continue to improve the Park.


You will have read of the number of bike riders who have been hijacked and their bikes taken. I got involved as the Park was getting the bad name when the problem was the river bank opposite the Park which is not maintained by Council and is a jungle and home to many, as well as the Forest Farm land.  What is left of the servitude behind Pick’nPay has a heavily grassed bank that provided a good hideaway and vantage point for the criminals as well as under the Nichol Bridge.

I approached the Manager who was most helpful, had the grass cut – thank you Bryanston East – and  said he would have a security presence behind the building.

Yesterday the bike- jacker moved to the Northern end near Peter Place, held up another biker but was caught.  Bikers beware, he is not the only one.


We once again hosted this fund raiser which was a huge success with approx. 500 dog owners and pets walking the course.  They were very complimentary about the Park and will be back next year.  We will see that they do not spray the trees.


This Centre is to provide a place for children/youth to go to so that they are not on the streets. They have homework supervision,  games, etc  and volunteers from the community have made a big difference in reviving the abandoned building which was then recently vandalized.  FOFS,  with the help of PicknPay Hurlingham  gave them a party as part of our Outreach Programme  to cheer them up and show them we care.  Thank you Pick’nPay.

If you can donate  paint for the buildings, books,  paper, crayons, paints, childrens clothes, or food in fact anything you want to declutter.  If they cant use it they have a jumble sale and use the money. Many are from child headed households. Contact me if you can help.  Rose 082 784 1933