Due to JPC wanting half the proceeds of the sale of the land they are proceeding with the legal route. Re-considering the option  and no decision will be taken until next year at the AGM.


We have two camps with circular dugouts settling in on the park side which need to be dealt with before they increase further.  There are now 5 to the North on the Servitude. I understand a Raid is planned soon. This will be discussed at the PCA meeting this month.


I went down there last Sunday after the gate chains were cut twice on the Sat. night and it rather pointed to them.  I personally talked to the Pastors, one in particular. I had no idea that there were so many different Churches meeting there (5). The main Pastor of the biggest group undertook to speak to the different groups himself to re-inforce my message and has met all but one. The chains were not cut this weekend. I am inclined to think there is the possibility of other forces involved.


Someone has been cutting trees in the Park. A walker sent me photos on Sat. A saw of sorts used. Still investigating.


This is now finished. Just needs tidying up. I have dug out the boom buried courtesy Rec. Caretaker, and boomed off the second field.  Made steps onto the field near the summerhouse. Am now going to have to boom off the first field as cars are now driving there.


Sandton is down to barely two reporters. In the article below photo of me re. the film shoot the new reporter got every fact wrong.  I have spoken to Kennedy and asked for a correction.


I reported a leaking sewer at the wier this morning (13th).