We have had our first Committee Meeting and have made the upgrade of the Summerhouse and the Development of the 6hect to the North West priorities.  Mr. Anderson and Mr. Pienaar are to get together and produce a proposed plan which we will present for discussion to JPC when it is ready. Forest Farm is an integral part the plan and this has been discussed with them.    Anyone who can help with the Summerhouse please contact me. Paving bricks, plastic gutters, friendly builder etc.

We are planning a FOFS open day in the Park in June. No date yet.  Ideas welcomed.


Forest Farm is going to erect a high security fence along the river border with the Park ie. Along the servitude (adding to the existing fence)  and Clearview up to the West and along the Nichol Highway.  This will  be a huge security plus for all concerned. They will be starting soon.  I am told this has been discussed and passed by their Committee.


We find that Parks are unable to maintain the entrance and as the Stables are, in fact, on Park land and benefit from the Park we feel they should make some contribution towards FOFS. It is in all our interest that the entrance creates the right impression. We will be meeting them.

Thank you Abram from Facility Maintenance who welded the gate and the closure continued.

The Rec. Centre (Sport & Rec.) have now demanded that the Park gates be left open immediately to allow their security company access to check on their guards at night. A night guard at the gate – which we have needed all along – will oversee the locking and unlocking of the gates. From no guards we now have 3 sets of guards with one night guard to oversee  another (ADT)!. This is skewed logic.  “in the interests of the safety of City Assets” is the reason.  The PCA & FOFS spent much time and effort with all affected parties to get the ADT closure for this reason,  as well as Community safety AND the safety of the Park, those who use it and its lessor. We support PCA’s stance on this ie. Closure remains till ALL parties who initiated it are consulted.

Due to vandalism, the guardhouse has no lights or water so cannot accommodate a guard anyway.

POTHOLES    We have filled in two with Tar and one brick paved successfully. Others need attention.

PARKING       The parking area continues to erode with the heavy rains, and cannot cope with the parking needed for the coffee shop. Cars now park along the top of the field which we don’t want. I will be meeting Parks to discuss this issue.

Thank you Parks Depot 406 for the third brush cut of the fields.