We learnt that Pikitup has applied to the Joburg Property Co.  for a lease of 3,000 sq.m  of  land for a trash sorting Depot for the informal recyclers.  According to the map it runs along the border fence with the stables and into their side and as far as I can see takes in the servitude and overlaps onto the stables. The letter was dated 1st April and I thought it an April Fool joke till I checked with Clr. Earp.  We had 4 days to “comment” failing which it would have gone ahead as accepted.

FOFS submitted a letter of comments – access, one entrance etc., advised the PCA and shared our comments. We have not seen theirs or others we told. Clr. Earp objected to the application because of his and  residents views.  Field and Study Park is Heritage Land and it is beyond my ken that anyone would think of bringing such an activity ie. trash and its handlers, INTO a Park.  We are watching the situation and urge residents and members to keep their eyes and ears open.


The fantastic Dinosaur Park on the West Bank as explained in last months Newletter, all done with foreign investment has, incredibly, been turned down by the Joburg Property Co.  because they cant get round the  red tape surrounding the lease of the land.  The mind boggles.

We are now negotiating with Mr. Huni re. having a Dinosaur Day/weekend with a marquee with a film show and his moving dinosaurs interacting with the children in the Park sometime in June. Time is short. Anyone who wants to participate – refreshments, balloons etc. let me know.


From it’s inception FOFS have paid for the improvements and labour etc  in trying to keep the Park looking good and we feel that those also using the entrance, road and Park need to chip in and help.  After discussions with the stables they have offered to give us R10,000 a year for the upkeep of the entrance and Park. We thank them for that.  Others will be approached shortly. We acknowledge generous donations – benches, paint, financial etc. see list

SPRUIT DAY –   This is on the 7th June and covers the Braamfontein Spruit from start to finish with various R/Payers Assoc. and other groups taking part. FOFS is joining up with the PCA and the Park will be our Centre of Attention.

BUSINESS IQ – COMMUNITY SERVICE. –  This Company comes with about 30 staff to work in the Park and enjoy the natural surroundings. This year they will again paint the Dinosaur and the Jungle Gym and clean the river. A big thank you to PARKMORE MICA for their discount on the paint and brushes. We are most grateful for their support and a big thank you to IQ BUSINESS for their community spirit.

Rose –“ Friend of the Field & Study” (Park) NPC