We have, after 6 years of trying, finally been given our Section 18(A) Exemption from SARS. This means that donations to FOFS are tax deductible!


The missing palisades have now been fixed and they are proceeding with their own plans for the open parts of their portion of the West Bank. Ie. below the main buildings and along the Nichol Highway.


We are now considering an  innovative proposal for the use of the 6 ha of Park land on the W. Bank – the other side of the river – which ties in with our Dinosaur theme and at the same time will secure and maintain the  open space  which is a problem to us and the community’s security. We have run it past the PCA representing the community who support the idea and have had the proposal submitted to the Jo’burg Property Co. for consideration of a lease over the land. We are hoping for an indication from them ie. a yes or a no – so that we can then take the project further. We feel this is an ideal solution and as FOFS, we would like to see it succeed.  Watch this space!


The rains have  now made this urgent and some of it is beyond the capabilities of FOFS. I have arranged to meet Parks Facility Maintenance on Friday to go through the things that Parks now have to step in and do and what we will do. The Parking area is a nightmare of dongas from the runoff from the Rec. Centre and we will have to look at it holistically. Not just from the Parks side.

It took over a week to do the last cut of the fields due to lack of equipment, when we did get it, it broke down. Lack of manpower and reliable resources it a huge problem – two mowers broke down on the first day, a tractor sitting at the depot was waiting to be fixed etc. The Depot does its best to do what it can with what it has. Budget constraints are the major problem. Thank you Depot 406 for the cut.  The servitude extension needs to be cut.    I will discuss this with Depot Management.


Another raid was held on a recent Sunday by Metro Police who then went across the river and evicted about 40 squatters, destroyed their plastic shelters and fire places as well as their belongings. This is totally unacceptable and illegal. They do not have the right to destroy what little they have including ID documents.

Rose Johnson – 082 784 1933