This was the biggest mission trying to get the team there to start with due to the rain messing up the roster.  The rain, half days because of depot meetings, petrol running out, machines breaking down, lack of manpower, etc.  It took a week of supervision.

The big Syringa split in two with the wind. I left it for the squatters to take what they wanted and then got it cut up and the remainder removed.  There is a fallen one which I will hire a chainsaw and cut up.

ENTRANCE   This had to be weeded AGAIN with all the rain.   A leak sprung up at the exit gate.   Before I could get to it, it stopped.! Will keep an eye on it.


Paseka and I  filled the potholes in the inner road and dug a channel to get rid of the water damming up on the corner of the left fork inside. I have found that brick paving them is better than tar. Only used tar where there was rock underneath. We also did the two potholes at the entrance on Louise Ave. as JRA promises to fill never happened despite the crew being round the corner. I see there is another starting. Will do that.  Also need to paint the humps.


I was contacted by a Mr. David Huni, Director of Gallery Naomi of Europafrica who makes scientifically correct life size Dinosaurs out of various materials. He has already had two successful exhibitions in South Africa. During our discussion I told him of the 6ha of unused  Park land over the river and the idea of a permanent Dinosaur Park was born. This would solve the security problem of that empty bank opposite the Park for us and the neighbourhood. It would take the form of an educational Park.  He and I have talked to Jo’burg Property Co. in this regard and the idea is under consideration.

It would be funded from the Netherlands and we, FOFS, feel this is a foreign investment in our green space that should be grabbed with both hands. All other efforts  with Forest Farm to suitably develop this land over the last 8 years have come to nothing.  The Parkmore Community Assoc. has given us a letter of support. We hope for a favourable answer from JPC so that the real work and planning can start on what will be an  amazing Dinosaur Park.

Rose Johnson