The new fencing is up but still a gap in the concrete palisade.  Seems to have been cleared and I have not seen a squatter there so far.


We had this on 12th October and considering it was on the hottest day of the year – 36deg – it was as successful as it could be.  Just too hot for many. Thank you PCA for sponsoring the magician as well as having a table and Happy Feed for being there – with Smiley Balloon.! Thank you Julia Tew for organizing the day.


This was held on the 16th.  We are battling with the Tax Exemption Unit – 3 years – to get our Sect. 18a Certificate which is due to a misunderstanding with a Mrs. Muller there. ENS helped with my last letter to no avail.  We will meet to discuss our future at the end of November.


We are having a major problem again with the numerous churches that meet at the stables area.  The all night singing/chanting has now happened twice and lower Parkmore is fed up. Rightly so. We need to tackle this problem. Closed gates are no hindrance to them.  Are the gates being closed?


The Sunday Market has now been on twice.  Poor start due to lack of publicity. Nice crafts that are there and with more food and crafters it should pick up. The venue in the Park is one of the best. I encourage people to go and spread the word. Next on 24th Nov.


Green at last. Another 7 bollards need replacing. James Hewitt offered to be Mr. Fixit for us at the AGM s when I get the poles from Parks, we will do those and fix the roof of a section of the Jungle Gym. One Pikitup container has been cleared. Trying to get them to fetch it before someone dumps again. Thank you Parks for collecting all the bags plus two computers, mother boards etc. etc.!          All toilets are working!

FOFS would like to thank  WEBCO GARDEN TOOLS for their generous donation of a spade, fork and rake.


After the hysteria of my first use of them I have only had occasion to use them once since.  To pull out a hardy weed that was taking over the bottom of the first field. It had to be pulled out and they were the only option to do it.  12 of them did a fine job and FOFS paid them R100 for a good days Work.  I have not used them since.