I was away the whole of December but FOFS still kept a watch on the Park.

December is the worst month for the Park as come the first week we get invaded by Burial Society  picnics which sees the Park overrun with  too many people now that the Park is getting well known. This creates a problem because the toilet facilities are totally inadequate.

We had an incident where someone smeared faeces all over the wall of the ladies toilet and left the underwear on the floor.  Our guys cleaned it up. Litter gets out of hand as well.

On the 16th Dec. there was chaos as people had pushed over bollards, vandalized the boom and there were cars everywhere, on the field, by the river etc.  Arthur Hammond from FOFS went down and called the police who cleared them from the fields and river area  and maintained a presence.

He bought 100 black bags and these were distributed to as many as possible.  The aftermath of litter in spite of this was just huge and FOFS/Arthur  again stepped in and we had it cleaned up.

He also arranged to have the vandalized boom fixed.


During my absence illegal tree felling took place with a certain person in Parks involved.  When those cutting were challenged they said that I had given permission for them to do so!   Emails came flying across the world that this is NOT the case.

Thank  you  Heather  Oosthuizen  for getting  involved  and  calling  the police. The culprits left leaving those trunks still half cut up lying in the Park now.

ONLY  Julien Ortlepp from Tree Worx has my and Parks permission to cut anything in the Park.    If  you see ANYONE cutting trees or branches in the Park challenge them and let me know please.   Cell. 082 784 1933..

You will have seen that our Oaks are VERY sick  (dying?)  due to the drought.  7 so far.  I am praying that the soft rain will soak in and  revive them. A downpour runs straight down and it does not sink in to their roots.

Parks stopped watering all the new trees because of restrictions despite my pleas. Some have died.


After more requesting, Parks came and cut a portion of the Park yesterday (19). I am told a contractor is going to do the rest – SO frustrating this half/half look but there is currently only ONE tractor available for all the Parks!  Contractors equipment is hit and miss as I experienced last year.

We,  FOFS continues to do our best to watch and do what needs to be done if we can.


Rose Johnson