A big thank you to Jackie o’Malley for her generous donation of R700 to us to start off another year.

December and January have come and gone already and the park has Finally been transformed from the dry, brown, crunchy, short grass into Now overgrown lush green thanks to the good rains this month.

While we are all thrilled to see it so green of course it comes at a price. The indigenous Bankveldt grass recovered – as always – and grew like Crazy. To get it cut by Parks at the beginning of the year when the staff Seem to come back up to two weeks into January, is a nightmare.

I have been at it for three weeks. Trying to get it cut and last week FOFS used their brush cutter to cut the grass around the play equipment And to tidy up round the toilets..

After pitiful visits from parks cutting a field here, and a bit there and labour Just happening to ‘run out of petrol’ by 2pm I visited the Depot and had A “chat” about the whole situation.

Today, 30th I got 3 trucks, 4 Dixon mowers, 1 tractor – driver of second one drove it into a stump The previous day so now we have only one! – and 4 brush cutters. One team actually arrived early, 8am and the other around 10am. Without fail at around 2pm got the “no petrol” lament. Brush cutter ladies not wanting to continue. I made them trim round the Café fence before they left and one Dixon miraculously found enough petrol to mow around trees at summerhouse and toilets at my request.!

I have been promised about 6-8 brush cutters tomorrow to go along the river. We shall see.

2018 we/FOFS spent around R17,000 on the maintenance of the facilities At the park. R9000 to repair and rebuild the braai places, R2500 for the Annual oiling of the Jungle Gym and repairs, R900 on new swings to name some of The major expenses. Parks cut the grass.

Our popular market is being held up by decision making from Parks Head office and the Depot Manager. Handri is now being held up as she cant go ahead with her plans which entail considerable Expenses until Parks and others at head office get their act together and give her the go ahead. She submitted her application for the Park rental in December!!! And we are still waiting.

The Market donates the parking money to FOFS which keeps us going as we get few donations. We would not be able to keep your Park the way it is without them and this dilly dallying by Parks Has a direct effect on us so we are also concerned.

We need your support to keep the park intact and the way you would like to have it. WE NEED YOUR SUPPORT. PLEASE DONATE TO OUR BEAUTIFUL PARK. All details Under heading DONATIONS.

Rose Johnson.