FINALLY after a visit to the virtually deserted Depot I was given the number of the contractor Parks uses to come and cut the very long grass at the park.

I phoned from the Depot who agreed to let him come. Parks cant do it as I was informed that they only have 5 brush cutters so no hope there.! This contractor who came before Christmas has 17! I shall use him again.

Why more staff are not being employed boggles the mind. Maybe something to do with the millions shown “lost” in the Council audit.


Many went home for Christmas. They still manage to disturb the residents in lower Parkmore with loud Christmas and New Year Parties. These were tolerated by residents but 10 days ago they were woken at 2am by loud music and noise.

It is not clear how many are back, and with the prospect of maybe more George Gabriel, who is guiding the Formal Petition to the Mayor for their removal, is in action again. He has contacted Clr. Earp on what the next step is as there are approx. 700 signatures. Well into the required amount. Added to this are further petitions representing surrounding suburbs to be included. Time is of the essence.


Looking lovely having had its brush cut it is frustrating for all of us not to allow people into it due to the Announcement by the President on the 29th Dec. that all parks are to be closed till the 15th February.

It is difficult for us to close it off completely as there are businesses within the Park area. The stables, the English Access School, the Montesorri School, Mary’s Sewing school and the River Café. We have to allow them access.

The guards are getting verbal abuse, I have had it from mainly dog walkers who are determined to walk their dogs. I have mounted the Presidents order on a board to show people but they say they are going to the Café and then duck into the park. The guards have been warned not to let them in and they do their best. We are now re-arranging the guards to have one at the inner hut to deal with those who insist on going.

I know it’s crazy with 30 acres of fresh air, sunshine and space which we are told we need and we cant use it but that is the law per the President. Let us hope on the 15th Feb. he will once again open Parks for all our sakes.


Thank you Peter Ginsberg for his financial help with various things that crop up from time to time.

With no Market for a year and only the Christmas one we have had no income to FOFS and now need those businesses in the park who benefit from the well kept Park managed by FOFS, to step up and contribute towards our funds which are dwindling away.

Donations by those who want to see it kept the way we keep it are needed. One day we want to be able to enjoy our Park in the well kept way we keep it.

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