This is VERY early but this cannot wait. Just before Christmas I was told by our guards that they were all being transferred out of the park.! This was confirmed by their Manager. No-one bothered to tell me.

Trying to get hold of anyone personally was fruitless but I sent emails, whatsapps, left messages etc etc and today, 3rd January I have started again. Not even Jenny Moodley, Head of Parks or Jerome Ogle of Region 103 was aware of
this and I have been told to wait while they look into this disastrous decision made by who.? The name Jackson Mhlangu comes up.

I am seeing Clr. Shakelford tomorrow and hope that we get clarity a.s.a.p. because the Park is now unguarded and we all know what the consequence of this could be. We have to get guards back. ADT and 24/7 are driving through – thank you both and the PCA, and the toilet attendant is there for those who want to enjoy this precious place while still there.

Urban Parks have approached the Business Department of Parks to ADOPT the entire Park – they have R13m potential investment as well – and turn our quiet Park into a Sports Venue for Padel tennis including the Café and the Park to be
formalized. If the worst comes to the worst this option offers an alternative to preserving the land. The peaceful ambience will be lost.

Something is definitely up with the timing being when all are on holiday – and done very quietly that not even those in Council who should be aware , are not, never mind FOFS who have looked after the Park for 17 years. I am currently doing my best to get to the core of this and will update here.


Since writing the previous update I have now been given the name of Sean Naidoo who is Jackson Mhlangu’s boss – I am told. I managed to get hold of him and told him of the danger to the Park, being left without guards.

He gave me a long explanation which brings politics into the story but it seems the city cant afford all these guards. That they were taken from us without due consideration I find amazing. I explained our situation with the camp on the opposite bank and the fact that our guards are, in fact, working at other sites, so they are therefore not ‘saving’ money by taking them from us.

He has given me till Monday to give him all their names and where they are currently working and he will look on his “list” to see if we are on it , presumably to have guards.

Up to now I have not been able to reach Dambula who dealt with the guards and who has the information I need. I will keep trying. Time is not on our side.

Gladys has sent a video of her new “Park” – area of bare earth, fringe of grass and a Jungle gym. No ablutions ! If I can get photos or videos from the others that will help.

I have not heard from or met with Clr. Shakelford as was promised.