The New year started as usual with long uncut fields and Looked a sight.  Parks staff dribble back from holiday even In January and in the meantime with the rain the grass kept growing.

After visits to the Depot and much asking for a cut we finally Got a team. With it being so  high the fields were left with Regular piles of the cut grass all over them. Again it was left to grow long and finally it was cut again.

Cutting is a case of “if and when” as the Depot is short of manpower, Equipment etc and three hours seems to be the length of worktime.

They come late and are gone by 2.30pm.

TREES – With the heavy rains trees are just falling over due to the soggy Soil. Another today. That makes about 4 so far.


This has been a mess of weeds for months.  FOFS paid for labour to Give it a cosmetic clean up as I couldn’t stand it any longer . Back To square one in a short time. More visits to the Depot and finally we had 5 ladies come who were there for 4 days  pottering around, working when I was there and  did not finish the entrance.


I am now on a mission to find our roof which was unnecessarily Removed.  All it needed was a crane truck to nudge it back into Position and secure the wall brackets that held it in place and Some brickwork.  I arrived one day to find it hastily removed and was loaded onto a truck and gone before I could blink or ask.

It is now 2 years ago and I have asked for it to be brought back . I was told it was at the Depot.  I went and searched the entire Depot In vain. No-one knows and I strongly suspect it has been stolen either for the metal or someone somewhere has a new roof for his house.  Maintenance head thinks the same. It is not good enough.

It could have been fixed for nothing as the company who did it admitted liability and agreed to fix it at their expense. All details were given to The Depot to contact them and nothing was done.

Today -2nd March – Maintenance head has said he will go and fix the Broken brickwork and at least get it looking less of a wreck.

Watch this space.                                 Rose 2.3.20