FOFS has some overdue thank you’s that we would like to share.


To MTN  who donated R9000 to Handri when they had a promotion at the Market.   We are currently using it to rebuild all the braais on the main field,  erect two poles with visibility markings at the ramp in the Parking ground, steel mesh added to the dinosaur to make it safer for the children which will be welded into place,  a new bottom welded onto the bottom of a big bin and hopefully a piece behind the drivers seat on the car in the play area.

To Peter Ginsberg for organizing the repair of the road and paid the labour costs. He also contributed to the materials.  He has also paid for various plumbing crises that needed urgent attention.  We are lucky to have such a generous Park member.

To Kevin who raised R800 from some of the dog walkers to help with the cost of materials.

To Handri who helps with various repairs. With her tool box she can fix toilets, swings, and other smaller crises in the Park.  She also donates half the Parking revenue of the market to us which helps us to pay for all the unexpected things that need  fixing.

To the Felix Schneier Foundation who donated R7000 to us.  He is a mystery donor who we know nothing about or his connection to the Park. He has given us the same amount before.  My emails to him go to someone who forwards them to him. I don’t get a reply except via the lady at the Foundation. Does anyone know of him.?

A charming elderly lady who is a park dog walker stopped  to talk to me when I was working at the gate and gave me R1000 in cash said goodbye and left.   Her Christian name is Jackie O’ ???  I was so taken aback I cannot remember her name.! Anybody know her?

Donations are few and far between so we have been very fortunate these last few months.       A BIG THANK YOU  to all.

ENTRANCE: With the roof now gone Maintenance has not come back to finish up at the gate with a lump of brick and mortar balancing on the top, holes in the column and wallet.  We are trying to get this done.

MAINTENANCE: Ongoing, swings breaking because adults will sit in them, same goes for planks on Jungle Gym. We will shortly be giving the jungle Gym its once a year coat of preservative for the wood.

Parks is currently giving the entire Park a good once over cut which should last a while.