FINALLY the long awaited announcement – PARKS ARE OPEN!!

Our 30 acres of space to exercise, walk in, get in the sunshine for our vitamin D and breath fresh air are available  to all our Park users.  So great so welcome Everyone back.

One hiccup – the powers that be forgot about toilets which have been closed for months with no cleaners.  Council Dept. responsible for cleaners when I asked informed me that she has to wait for the MMC’s instruction before she could send anyone so, as usual, FOFS had to step in and pay to have one row – the Men’s Side – cleaned for use.

We are still waiting for the MMC to realize that Parks like ours do need toilets! We need Council Maintenance to fix toilets on both sides but my request has been stumped by the same excuse.  The MMC must give the Dept. the go-ahead before they can come and fix the toilets!!  Enough to drive me insane.

THE RIVER CAFÉ is once again open as well  so all we need is the nod to strip the tape Away from the play equipment and the new normal will be OK.


This is causing concern as more seem to have moved in or those there are moving down towards the park.  Raids have proved to be useless in the past despite ruthless measures and now more substantial shelters are going up despite the meetings I have had with the leaders of the 3 groups there. I have consulted the Clr. Vincent Earp. Regular users are now going to Petition the City with a petition regarding the situation. They do not cause problems in the park and those that don’t have jobs are more than willing to do any odd job in the Park or anywhere else.

If the City provided bags to the re-cyclers for their cast offs and pikitup fetched it at the bottom of peter place the rubbish would not be an issue. They are willing to bag their cast offs and play their part if only the City or someone would be constructive about them. The save the City millions, surely it is not too much to ask the city to play their part.

DONATION – today a generous Panners Lane resident dropped off 26 bags of ready mixed soup Complete with rice, and other goodies in it to make a nourishing meal for 6.  THANK YOU. I gave it out straight away.

The water keeps the situation under control.