Sad News again. We have lost a second Committee Member of FOFS. James Anderson. Another we shall miss. His expertise and legal knowledge was invaluable to us in our various fights with Council and others as well as his advice in running the Company.

FOFS needs two more committee members urgently. We have tried Sandhurst 4 and Parkmore Crescent right on the borders of the Park and the community apathy is SO disheartening. When the Park is gone then the wake up call will be too late.

We need to bring the Directors back to 5. Not onerous, Meet when we need to and generally help in raising funds and keeping an eye on the Park. JOIN US PLEASE. We cannot lose this precious historic place.

Only one person came forward out of all those lower Parkmore Residents!


Fighting, shack burning and the appearance of 3 men with ‘big guns’ AK47 ‘s? With a tense atmosphere at the time some men left the Bank and went back to the township I am told. Since then it has been quiet. Almost too quiet.

The Mayoral Petition seems to have brought little action from Council -are we surprised . I received a call from a woman who was on the Bank saying she was from the Dept, of Social Welfare and wanted to talk to talk to them. They did not want to talk to her.

People don’t realise that over the Bank we now essentially have an established squatter camp, Spaza shop, liquor for sale, even a pool table! The Council cannot plead ignorance. We have warned them ever since the invasion of recyclers from George Lea and further invasions over lockdown. There are now shacks creeping further down towards the river.