FOFS has a new Director, Colin Fargher who we welcome. A Park lover and “doer” who has already started getting to grips not only with things Committee wise but his passion for the flora and fauna of the Park in a hands on way.

Every Sunday morning he is in the Park, with or without a volunteer/s making a difference . Clearing invasives, weeding, trimming for paths and cutting areas that need it etc. etc. Volunteers Peter Ngwenya Colin and Charmaine Mahlangu-Zimuto

Colin, Charmaine and onlookers



This proposal from Urban Park for development of Padel Courts as per public meeting in February is still active but has been subject to numerous changes – with the courts, without the courts and so it goes on. FOFS has met with them in a mutual effort to work together but with no comeback after our last on site meeting this no longer seems to be working. We will continue on our course of action.


It is beyond belief that this Heart of the Park has been left empty for 15 months waiting for a tender from JPC – Joburg Property Company. Even more so when there are so many who would have taken it over long ago. This venue provided a unique experience for everyone in the community to have refreshments in peace and quiet in a natural environment where all were welcome from every age group.

The biggest sandpit is here for the small, the shady upstairs with a view for the Bridge clubs, the ladies luncheons, Corporate Breakfasts Birthdays in the lapa – the list is endless and sadly the main building is deteriorating. It’s loss directly affects the park.


This is a phone app where one can photograph creatures and plants found in the Park and load them to the “Field and Study” project. Those interested can identify these, showing the bio-diversity we have in the park.

LINK to the Field and Study Park Project on iNaturalist