Although we are now allowed out during the day to walk, exercise etc. the very place where it would be most beneficial is not allowed.  Under Lockdown 3 the Park is still out of bounds.   The stables are operating again hence the open side gate for them, their pupils and the staff of the Rec. Centre.


These have continued on a weekly basis –  thanks to the original appeal sent out on the PCA website by Mhairi Pithy who has been involved ever since.  The Parkmore Community and beyond responded generously with donations of money.  Mhairi  has managed this and used it when we have needed to pay for  the unexpected ie. masks for everyone on the  Bank so those who had jobs could get into the streets and to work.

Generous members of the community organized their own drops at their expense.  The Terbrugge family  did two and  Lorraine Savage from River Café,  three. Each man got his own packet of food and even fresh goods.  Promised Region 3 food aid stopped after 1 drop and another wishes to remain anonymous.  With individual drops coming to an end we are using up the donated money by buying in bulk which is more cost efficient and the leaders of those on the Bank share it out.

 The number originally being fed was 245 but now it’s down to 115 who still have no income.  Two  drops were organized by Mhairi and were paid for out of the collected funds.  This makes 9  drops altogether.  We have one last drop next week and then the funds are finished.

THANK YOU Mhairi for all your time, help and involvement for those food drops .

Individual donations can still be made  at the Park gate where the guards  will take it from you.  THANK YOU to those who left blankets which are so needed in this cold and gratefully received. Please look out  any further warm clothes and blankets. They are so needed.

THANK YOU  Chantelle Morrison who made 35 fleece blankets which, being so light, we gave to the residents of a Retirement Home in Olievenhoutbosch .  We were sent a photo of the old people with them round their shoulders.

GUARDSWe have two new guards – surprise to me – and a new timetable.  It seems two days day shift, two night shift and two allowing for days off.