Before we knew it Covid-19 arrived and we are living under lockdown.

I received an instruction to close the Park  which caused problems for me as I could not do that with the stables and the Rec. Centre staff inside.

I closed the main gates and left the small side gate open. Devastating for the dog walkers and regular park goers. As I am on lockdown I am running the park by phone from home which Has kept me very busy.  Thank you Andrew Crawford who trained one of his Cameras on the gate and monitored it for me. Caught numerous cars, Ubers And other activities trying to get in. He sent me the picture and I called 24/7 who appeared and escorted them away. The bush telegraph soon knew about my ‘magic eye’ and attempted entries stopped. Thank you 24/7 GUARDS – PARK GUARDS are now at the entrance all day to deal first hand with people.


There are 247 homeless recyclers, contractors and others on the Bank. Beginning of April Region 3 head  had them documented, home affairs there, Env. Health etc. visited the bank and has undertaken to deliver food parcels.  So far we have had one delivery.

I have contacted the PCA who have been amazing spreading the word through their network. The Terbrugge family, at the request of their 12 yr old Hannah on her birthday, organized, With family and friends, a food drop for all 247 two weeks ago. Thank you Hannah.

Today 4th May Lorraine from the River Café with her family and friends did a drop for all of them. Thank you Lorraine.

I am looking for donors who need to have a permit or accreditation to do this ie. an NGO Or Registered Charity, Church who will be their umbrella body.  I have a basic list of what they need. Please contact me. Only some of the Recyclers can go back to work. I am currently getting face masks for the rest and it seems the PCA with the money they have collected will come to the rescue  for the rest and everyone else. Then they can all be allowed on the street.

Individual donations can be dropped off with the guards at the gate. These are recorded on the Camera.  Please keep the packets – donations  coming. Every little helps these 247 who have no Income – no food

WINTER CLOTHES – can also be left at the gate.

I am in daily contact with the 3 leaders of the 3 groups on the Bank  and the guards so know What is happening. It is important to keep the dynamic on the bank peaceful. Being cold and hungry Is not what we need there.  This is not going to end soon.

Rose – 082 784 1933