Our guards helped the police catch a thief who ran into the Park from Peter Place with a laptop which he threw into a bin. He was caught, laptop recovered and guards later found his gun buried under a clump of loose grass.


The final proposal for the W. Bank will be presented to JPC on the 8th.  We hope that it will be agreed to so that we/FOFS can then give our input and after that Public participation has to take place. This is now the 7th year we have been trying to get some agreement with JPC/F.Farm and us.


Thurs before Good Friday – the day after Human Rights Day! – JMPD police raided the W. bank squatters for the umpteenth time. Firing shots to scatter them,  going through their things and then taking what they could set fire to their belongings in various places. I have the photographs. It is common knowledge that the guys from Lesotho save to go home for Easter. Since when  do JMPD have the right to destroy property?? Personally, this is unacceptable behaviour and achieves nothing.


We had another successful Market on the 19th. The stall numbers are increasing, the food and drinks get better and it is a wonderful Sat. morning/lunchtime visit for families. We have the best venue of all the markets!  Next is 16th April.  Don’t miss it.!


This is my biggest problem.  We are the biggest Park and although I visit the Depot on a regular basis asking for grass cutting  it is not done often enough or fully cut with the whole Park looking good. They try but there is just not enough equipment, or manpower. I have been and asked for the whole team to come and do the whole Park properly. (4th April – one team is there today, 10 brushcutters, and a tractor and more to follow tom.  I am told)  It MUST be done for the Market or  the Health Dept. wont pass it.

I/FOFS  have just spent R960 rand on meranti planks to replace those missing on the Jungle Gym. Cheap wood doesn’t last. If anyone has an alternative, strong wood suggestion tell me please.

PARKS have just been and painted the Dinosaur, the car, stand swing and table! What a nice surprise!  Thank you Abram. I am told it will be done every 3 months!!!

TREES            Tree debris from cut now cleared, huge one fallen into river by the wier – I have reported it – and the oaks are dying. Today I noticed that others are looking sick as well. We are going to lose our shade!  Help someone.!  Julien Ortlepp, where are you?  I have tried and tried to raise you to no avail.

Rose – 082 784 1933