The cutting of the field by a contractor is lasting well with the growth slowing down. We will have to see whether it will last through winter.


Without any communication or warning we are now only going to have ONE guard at the park during the day. How they are supposed to keep an eye on the whole Park is beyond me. We need one at of near the guardhouse for when Council vehicles need to access the Park.

Be aware that if no-one is at the guardhouse then that guard is doing a patrol.


We check it all the time for any broken planks, missing bolts etc. but a child on the top level put her foot through one of the planks that looked fine from the outside but was rotten inside. We then decided that it was time for a general overhaul for safety reasons.

Thank you to Tim from Parkmore Mica who came down to look and confirmed that there were others. We then asked for donations through the Chronicle as the quote for a complete overhaul and protective paint was R10,000.

To date a mere R2,901 has been forthcoming from Park users for the Jungle Gym fund, please folks, we all make use of these facilities and any contribution will be very helpful. Please consider joining as a member, it is only R300/annum and helps ensure that the park and it’s facilities are kept in good order for all the residents. PLEASE JOIN NOW

We will now have to take from our park maintenance fund. We are most grateful to the Felix Schneier foundation for their annual donation to the FOFS Park fund and to Mr. Dialo from The English Access School at the Recreation Centre. Thank you.

The Park comes at a price which Park goers, dog walkers etc don’t seem to realise. Mr. Goldberg a FOFS member has just fixed the section where the brick road and the
sand road meet. Thank you.


We had an attempted suicide in the Park which thankfully was foiled by our guards. This is not the first.

Here is a Link to SADAG (South African Depression & Anxiety Group) They offer a number of emergency help lines for those who need someone to talk to.