Up until three meetings ago talks with Durapi Consulting, appointed by JPC (Joburg Property Co.), ourselves and Forest Farm and their consultants were looking very positive, plans, architectural presentations, etc. It seemed all systems were, for once, GO.  BUT the last three meetings have been cancelled at the last minute for no reason by JPC.   Frustrating for all of us and totally unprofessional by JPC.

My numerous phone calls, messages, emails to Mr. Dinnie go unanswered.  When, after three tries to her I got his secretary she said she “didn’t know about it”.!  Another name has popped up, Betsy Malope. No idea who she is as she does not answer her phone or you get “this mailbox is full”.  Things now, after such a positive start are  at a standstill , and none of us knows why!  Durapi and FOFS will continue to try and get answers.

Today Forest Farm have sent an ultimatum to Mr.Dinnie saying if things do not resume Forest Farm will break away from the joint venture planned for both banks – theirs and ours opposite the Park – and they will continue their development on their own.  If this happens the Park and us/FOFS, after 6 years of trying and a number of solutions so close,  will lose the last chance we have of taking back that troublesome W. Bank and getting it turned into  a secure Park that we all want.  The blame will be squarely at JPC’s door.


Another successful market was held in the Park with  good food, wonderful stalls and the kids well catered for in the fun and games section.

Storage of tables for it is now a huge problem as it expands and Handri has suggested putting a container directly behind the toilets, painting it green and growing ivy over it to make it blend in aesthetically with the Park.  We would like to hear your comments or suggestions as we would like the market to continue expanding.


As predicted, another tree has fallen into the river at the wier which FOFS organized to get cut up. More will fall as Council continues to ignore the severe erosion in that area.

I have arranged with Raymond of the tree Dept. at Depot 406 to cut down the very high dead ones and we will organize the cutting up once they are down. We will also cut down some of the dead ones on the W. Bank.

The Oaks continue to die in front of my eyes which is very distressing. Lack of  rain  timeously and disease. ADT has offered us three indigenous trees for Spring planting.  How about donating “your” tree for your family, in memory of etc. How about the Corporates?  Contact me. ………………………………..Rose.