The Summerhouse tap has been the subject of interference, careless use and an unpleasant confrontation with the guards.  Hopefully this can be put behind us.

The resulting wearing away of the cement base  has been replaced twice by Mr. Ginsberg who has now had a run off gully done to divert the water, all at His expense.  Thank you Mr. Ginsberg.


The iconic gum we lost because a local man came late one afternoon offering his services, saw the gum and was insistent that it had shot hole borer and should come down with others. I was not convinced and called the expert Julien Ortlepp who confirmed that gum wood is too hard for borer. The next morning when I got to the Park I was too late to stop him and the tree was down. A Facebook post and shock all round made for an unhappy day all round.  We saved what we could of what was left, tidied up the stump to make it safe for children to climb on – thank you – Handri – and it is now a feature of the park with children climbing on it and was even used as a background for a wedding photograph.

Three trees have been donated in it’s place which we will plant on Friday in the vicinity with The help of Parks.  Thank you Parks.


We have had three of our well known guards transferred and only Gladys is left of the original 4. They have not been happy for some time as they are not paid even the minimum wage and Despite asking at the offices of Kya Guards and a letter of Grievance their plight has been ignored.

I have spoken to their supervisor/Manager on numerous occasions with no success.

The Council is now going the route of INsourcing ie. no contractors, but employed directly by the City and they feel in limbo not sure if they are going to be taken over. July seems to be D day.

A stressful situation for us and them.  Time will tell.


Rotary Sandton held their annual Disabled Games day at the Park.  This brings the disabled of all Ages, the eldest was 64, all races from different homes for a day out and of fun and games for those who can participate as well as a Magician. The highlight of the day, a convoy of Harley Davidson motor bikes under the name of SPEEDWINGS literally roar into the Park and take each one on a pillion ride around the Park.

One of the most worthwhile Events at the Park.

Rose Johnson- Friends of Field and Study – NPC – FOFS