This has been a quiet month.  Thankfully the grass is not growing so there isn’t the worry of getting it cut.


As far as I know, we have not had a incident of crime in the Park.   Be aware of your surroundings and who is in the Park. Walk where you can be seen ie. the middle of the fields, if you are uneasy

There was an attempted robbery at the stables early  one morning as Nicky opened the office door. The alarm went off and Nicky used her voice and they fled.


Conservation sent an 8 man team and we worked our way along the river bank on both sides to the North pylon.   This has made a big difference to a walk in the Park.

They are now working along from the stables to Pick’nPay .  With the clearing along the opposite bank one can see the huge problem we have on the servitude opposite the stables.  The sorters have found their way there and the piles of plastic are getting bigger by the day.  Any solutions out there?


The sad fact at the Park is that there are many trees dead or dying. Due to bark stripping some of our precious big ones are dead and the Oak trees have “Sooty  Oak”  fungus.  I cut down one dead one yesterday.  You will see the bigger ones lining the field all have   black backs to the leaves.  This means we will lose them too.

Tree Works,  a Parkmore Company has offered to cut down the dead ones and replace them with indigenous trees.  Parks has agreed to this.

I appeal to Park users to donate a tree in memory of a loved one,  your 4 legged companion or because you would like to have a tree that is  “yours” in the Park.  Please contact me


This is when the communities the length of the Braamfontein Spruit  from beginning to the end in Paulshof get involved and come out in support of those areas along it. FOFS will be in the Park as Field and Study Park is a major open space along it.  Come down and support your Park.

Contact me – if you would like to join us. Have a picnic, a braai, help paint the dinosaur!  Make it a fun day for the family.

Rose Johnson – 082 784 1933