This is the first Newsletter of the year,  late,  as I was in  Australia for December and only back at the Park on the 10th Jan.  The Park was busy  with the usual braais, walkers etc.


One incident in January where a Cellphone was stolen from Park visitors by one of the Park staff.  The phone was recovered by the Find Me App which traced the phone to where it was hidden. An investigation is ongoing.


I came back to a vandalized JGym and FOFS had to spend close to R5000 to replace broken planks etc. The guards informed me that a “strong” man had been coming at 6am and was using it for his ‘exercises’.  When told by the Guards that it was for children and not adults he back chatted with “Where is the notice”?  Not acceptable. I have put up two notices . He has not returned.


I did an upcut of all the trees in the Park but had to leave two sections as we had two owls who had taken up residence and I didn’t want to frighten them off. I am told there was also a monkey! but he hasn’t been seen lately.   We are STILL waiting for the stakes for the trees from Parks.


The guards came across a young woman at 4am in the Park hysterical and crying, didn’t want to live etc.  They took her to the Guard House and phoned me at 7am.  Still crying I and the day shift calmed her down, gave her some tea and managed to get her to give us a contact who came.  She is OK now and we have had messages of thanks from her for looking after her. All praise to the guards.


The roof of the entrance to the Park was hit by a high truck and half knocked off. The steel supports on both sides have been knocked out of the wall and the roof is half off the main support.  I have contacted the Company responsible who accept Liability, Igloo Ice, I have had a builder out who says it is dangerous as it is  and too big a job for him. He says the gate should be shut.  I have been in touch with Parks maintenance to at least stabilize the roof but nothing has been done.

I have given all the information to Parks at the Depot and informed the Councillor as well.   It is now over to Parks to contact Igloo Ice.


Handri who runs the market,  has had to deal with all kinds of regulations and requirements now relating to such events in the Park and finally, after her presentation to the JOC Committee, has been granted Permission to continue with the Market.  Stall holders are also affected so it remains to be seen how many there will be on March 10th.