Our Guards were removed, new ones brought and much confusion as to who was who And where ours were  etc. etc.  Many phone calls to  anyone I could get hold of, finally One who managed to help me get Gladys and Eugene back.

They are now employed by Jhb City Council BUT they do not have uniforms and are expected to wear their civvie Clothes. Ridiculous.

When I asked why I was told that the new uniforms were being DESIGNED and would. Then have to be made so who knows when they will look official, minus any equipment-

Radios – no back up – truncheon,  etc.


From Mid November they start coming to the park and at on one Sunday we were Overwhelmed by 11 of them. 

With only 4 ladies toilets this is just getting out of Control and I hope to get Parks to do something about it. I have taken the names And contact numbers of as many as possible.


This annual event was a great success with owners and their dogs enjoying  the Refreshments and the dogs enjoying their very own Doggies Christmas cake made By Fiona.


Once again back to glorious green but now starts the work to keep it cut. Our Depot 406 is undermanned, under equipped, vehicles often broken, and we don’t get more than 3-4 Hours work a day.  Often run out of petrol, convenient, I now have 10 litres stored.

The current cut I stood and walked among the mowers and with the promise of cold Drink and buns and a good tractor driver, we got the park finished. The brush cutters Had left at 12.!  It is an endless battle.  They have approx.. 28 Parks to do! Some Corporate workers have seen the light and have come for an end of year get together With a picnic or braai.   Out of an office, away from screens, phones and enjoying our precious Environment.  How lucky we are to have this space.