The Petition being circulated has so far got over 600 signatures and continues.

Since the incidents that sparked this the bank has been quiet and we have had no further problems. Long may it last. A lot have gone home before so there may be an exodus before Christmas.


Finally after numerous calls and visits to the Depot – the offices are closed and no management is there – and trying to find someone to take responsibility for cutting the Park a team arrived at 7am! with a borrowed tractor from Randburg and two dixons and over two days transformed the park into a green oasis which, with the rains, is fast growing again and will need another cut in the near future as we have our MARKET back on the 12th December.

We have a large section of the bank near the stable end covered in a fast growing weed that is called Devil’s Thorn. I took a sample to Mica who recommended we poison it so bought a pressure pump and mixture but we had to wait to have it cut to reach the weeds and that done it then rained for days.

I have now been told that it should not be sprayed but dug out. So I have a dilemma. To dig is going to take labour – a job with the lethal three pointed thorns. This will cost us a fair amount to do and our funds are on a downward trend. Is anyone out there prepared to help.


This is a mess. Pine needles, weeds appearing overnight with the rain and generally not the first impression we want but again, this has been neglected by Parks. When I raised it for the 10th time at he Depot I was told that there would be an EWP contractor coming. So much for that. I hate to see it like that but I am tired of paying to do what parks should be doing.

Thank you to a resident of 4 14th Street- Michael – who came and planted some plants and did some gardening. If residents would lend us their gardener for a day or half a day we could make a difference with the ground being soft. This is your Park. Please help get that entrance looking good.

The rabbits, a huge problem, have eaten most of the agapanthus. I have brought a boot full of aloes which have filled in some blank spots. Any other plant donations gratefully received.


We have had a leaking pipe above the disabled toilet – a small leak spurting a fine spray for 3 weeks now. We are expected to pay for a plumber as we have done many times before, thanks to FOFS member Mr. Ginsberg. This being so small I am waiting to see how long it will take. Call been logged I am told!

Also had an exposed electric cable taking power to the guardhouse. It was encased in a plastic pipe and barely below the surface. Pitiful job. Should be buried deep. Both have worn away and the exposed cable – live – reported by me and Market lady. We have constantly dug it into a furrow and covered it. FINALLY someone came today.!

What next!?