The dreary green that Parks painted the play equipment is getting a makeover with bright colours and the sponsor for this transformation is Mr. Aziz Diallo, the owner of the English Access School at the Recreation Centre who takes an interest in our Park.

We were lucky we decided to paint it when we did as Parks informed us the day after I told them that they were intending to come and remove our Dinosaur in two days! When I asked the Head of Parks, Jenny Moodley she said because it was unsafe – after 7 years! They would have come without any warning and just taken the Dinosaur and left!

We felt he was unsafe when he arrived and it was our Market lady, Handri Coolen who had the steel mesh and extra handles put at the top for that reason. Thanks to her our Dinosaur was the safest of them all.

It was agreed that the removal would not take place until we had a safety expert come to the Park and look and give his opinion. Mr. Diallo is prepared to do what it takes to keep our bright cheerful Dinosaur at the Park.

We are meeting the expert tomorrow 22nd November.